This module begins with an overview of the current challenges in the US health care system, affirming that changes are necessary to improve outcomes and increase efficiency. Content includes a look at ob-gyn and midwifery workforces and the importance of moving to a collaborative, team-based model of care. Focus is on the guiding principles for team-based care that are fully described in the 2016 ACOG document Collaboration in Practice: Implementing Team Based Care. The multi-disciplinary task force that developed this document utilized the Medline database, the Cochrane Library and ACOG’s own internal resources and documents to locate relevant articles. The resulting guidelines were based upon their review of articles, guidance published by organizations and institutions, and expert opinions. Case scenarios are offered that exemplify fluid team leadership in action.


  • Understand the background for and importance of interprofessional collaboration and team-based care
  • Identify trends in midwifery and obstetrician-gynecologist workforce
  • Identify the 6 guiding principles of team-based care according to ACOG Collaboration in Practice document
  • Identify the 4 core competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice according to the Interprofessional Educational Collaborative (IPEC)

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Guiding Principles pre-post quiz

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