In this module, learners will be guided through Florence’s story. Florence’s story will demonstrate how and when to apply key steps and tools that support effective and positive teamwork during person-centered decision making (PCDM). As learners are introduced to the skills, they can check understanding through knowledge checks and personal reflections. Discussion questions, writing activities, a quiz, and audio files of role plays of teamwork tools will provide learners with opportunities to apply what has been learned. Learners are invited to discover the connections between elements presented in other modules in this program.


  • Identify and discuss strategies to enhance team functioning and interprofessional collaboration.
  • Discuss key principles for optimal team functioning.
  • Interpret the steps in a role clarification process and discuss professional roles of the maternity team.
  • Reflect on personal, situational, and professional contributions to team processes.
  • Apply tools that support effective team functioning, team characteristics, and team processes.

Activities, Reflections and Quizzes

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